Caroline Sanders

English to French translations
Specialising in legal, business and commercial translations
        Adelaide, Australia

Helping small companies and entrepreneurs find their French "voice" by translating their website content, contracts, business and commercial documents is the core of my business.

As a native French speaker living in Australia with my Australian husband, I experience linguistic and cultural differences on a daily basis. What does that mean for you? It means I look at your text with fresh eyes, and I research the best way to translate it into French - to achieve your goals and move your business forward. Because translation isn't only about words (otherwise anyone with a dictionary could do it).

It's about the message you want to get across.

Before we start

I like to ask a few questions. In my experience, my clients know their business best. By finding out your specific need, for example

  • What is the objective behind the translation?
  • Who is your French audience?
  • How urgent is it?
  • Does the translation need to be certified?
  • What's the source text format?
  • ...we can determine how I can help, how long it will take and how much it will cost. Once we've done that, I'll send you some options for a translation solution that's tailored to your needs. You'll always get a comprehensive quote and clear terms and conditions, so everyone knows where they stand.

    What can I help with?

  • Commercial documents - this might be website content, brochures, newsletters or company correspondence;

  • Legal documents - I translate contracts of all sorts; confidentiality agreements, general terms and conditions, user agreements, powers of attorney, wills, affidavits and court documents (including parenting orders);

  • Certified translations - these tend to be university transcripts, personal documents and certificates. As a NAATI-accredited professional French translator, I can deliver certified French translations for the French administration or courts.
  • Regardless of your text's origin or destination, you'll receive a French translation geared to its purpose, whether the intended audience is your clients, your colleagues, an administration, a court or a university.

    How do I work?

    Creating a fluid, fluent French text for your readers is my priority, but this sits alongside developing an open collaboration with you, my client. Sometimes projects are a one-off event, other times they can lead to a long-term collaboration and evolve into opportunities to help your business thrive and flourish in the French market.

    Sound good? Let's start the process then! You can contact me here to discuss options.

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